Time for Love

Meditation mini-course with main focus on self-love

This course is for every woman who needs time fir herself during the day. To tune into her feelings, needs, and foremost - her heart. There are a lot of inducements during the day, which lead our awareness away, and which sometimes lead to doubts about ourselves. This will be the “time for love” though, time for kind resting with self.

How is the course designed?

  • 3 days - you need aprox. 15-30 minutes anytime during the day.
  • 3 short meditations - short videos with self-love and self-relationship as a main topic.
  • 3 awareness or relaxation techniques. Short text given to the certain video of the day.
Self-love is not an empty phrase or just a moder word, it is a precondition for healthy and joyful life.

Self-love is about allowing oneself to dive into the inner world as well, to be a kind guide through the life to oneself. 

TIP: Allow yourself to rest for about 10 minutes after each meditation.

DAY 1.

Loving contact

1) Stop few tumes during a day and call your attention from the outside back to yourself with the help of the breath. 

Afirmation: I take my awareness (breath in) to my body (breath out).

Put your hand on the heart and smile.

2) Try to look at yourself in the mirror with the "eyes of love".

Alena Bakalářová
Alena Bakalářová

Who is your guide through this course?

Meditation and women groups guide, coach, teacher of personal development ... Lightworker. A grounded woman with her head in the sky.

"I love simplicity and authenticity and these show in my course guiding. I do not teach anything, which I have not lived, felt or understood myself firstly."

DAY 2.

When you are not feeling well...

Useful points during a (demandful) day:

1) I breath out everything, which is not mine.

2) My heart is beating only for myself.

3) Embryo relaxation position, curl up and cover with blanket.

DEN 3.

soon 🩷